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Returning Vintage Cars to Their Original States of Beauty

Relying on over 12 years working in the vehicular industry, we’ve been able to build up the skills to successfully rebuild and update cars a whole lot older than that. We’re a second-generation family business with a range of skills and abilities that mean we can take any old banger and transform it into the beautiful car it once was. Give us your baby and, with our classic car restoration in Milton Keynes, we’ll look after it as if it were one of our own, paying it the care and attention that it deserves, all at an affordable price. Get in touch today to see your pride and joy restored to what it should be! Alternatively, learn more about our services below. Click one of the shortcut buttons below.



Classic car restoration in Milton Keynes - welding and fabrication.

Welding & Fabrication

When it comes to our vintage car restoration services, we think shape and style are the two defining characteristics of any beautiful vehicle. They’re also, often, what go wrong (and go wrong in the worst ways). As cars age, rust and corrosion are facts of life. They can even, in the worst cases, mean that the structural integrity of your vehicle is compromised, endangering the vehicle as a whole. That’s why we’ve worked hard to hone our skills and make sure that we can create and incorporate any bodywork that your car requires.

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Vintage car restoration services - mechanical repairs.

Mechanical Repairs

From anything as small as a lightbulb change or a new spark plug to the big jobs like a full engine rebuild or gearbox replacement, our vintage car restoration services can do it all. Through our supply channels, we can also source new tyres for all types of classic cars. We carry out full services, fault finding and complete all necessary repairs, always for a reasonable price. This also includes all electrical servicing, from alarm installation to a full vehicle rewire. Whatever mechanical repair you need, we’re happy to oblige.

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Classic car restoration in Milton Keynes - repairs and spraying.

Repairs & Spraying

What’s under the bonnet is so important to the proper running of a classic car, but what really makes us fall in love with these beautiful hunks of metal is the looks. Whether it’s a battered old Land Rover or a classic DB5, we can take your motor back in time, making it look as shiny and new as when it first left the factory all those years ago. Our workshop is fully equipped for all manner of bodywork prep and paint. Using a 14-stage two-pack paint process, we render your car complete with a very durable and UV-protected finish.

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Vintage car restoration services - inspection and report.

Inspection & Report

We’re experts on all things “classic car.” Putting that expertise into practice means more than simple re-builds and renovations. We also offer an inspection and report service, wherein we would take an in-depth look at a prospective purchase you are considering before providing a detailed report on the vehicle, including any obvious flaws you might not have spotted, assessing the originality of parts, the current value of the car, as well as the likely investment required to bring it to standard you’d like to see.

If you make a purchase based on our report and bring the car to us for refurbishment, we’ll refund the cost of the inspection from your bill! Get in touch now by calling 01525 270 571 or 07875 156 369 to take advantage of this offer now!

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Our Process

Get in Touch

First things first: get in contact with us to discuss our vintage car restoration services and tell us about what you need from our team. We’ll be sure to listen closely before making any suggestions.

Get a Quote

We’ll put together a quote based on our conversation and present it to you with a breakdown of what we need to do to bring your pride and joy back to life.

Get to Work

Once the price is agreed, we’ll get to work on your classic motor, putting our vintage car restoration services to the test. When we’re done, you won’t believe your eyes!


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Let Us Help You Restore Your Vintage Car

Our vintage car restoration services are perfect for bringing your classic motor up to the standard it deserves. Send us an email at to get us involved in your latest project.